Taking Your Homeopathic Remedies

Your remedy may be in the form of medicated sucrose pills or it may be prepared in water and alcohol. The same basic principles apply to when administering or storing these remedies.


  1. Leave at least 20 minutes between taking your remedy and any food or drink (with the exception of water – although you may have water within a few minutes of your remedy, do not wash your remedy down with water).
  2. Allow your remedy to dissolve in your mouth; do not swallow the pills whole.
  3. Leave at least 30 minutes between taking your remedy and brushing your teeth; menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and other strong flavours are known to antidote the effect of homeopathic remedies. Minimise the use of mints, mouthwash and menthol-based cold preparations (e.g. Vicks) during your treatment.
  4. Store your remedies away from strong smells and out of direct sunlight.
  5. Try not to touch your remedies. Administer pills using a clean teaspoon. If you drop a remedy discard it and take another. If you are taking a remedy prepared in water, do not touch the pipette with your tongue.

What to expect

When the remedy is right for you, you can usually expect to see some improvement in your symptoms quite quickly. The rate at which improvement progresses will be dependent on the nature of your condition and how long you have had it. Sometimes a remedy only addresses some of the symptoms and sometimes it reveals different or old symptoms. When people have several different complaints or have been ill for a many years, homeopathic treatment can be likened to peeling the layers of an onion, and several remedies or repetitions of a remedy may be required over a period of months. Occasionally, homeopathic treatment can cause a slight aggravation of symptoms before the patient starts to improve. This is usually a sign that the remedy will be effective and any aggravation is usually short-lived.

The remedies

Homeopathy is gentle, but also very powerful, and is suitable for treating people at all stages of life. You should treat them as you would any other medicines, i.e. keep them out of reach of children and take only as directed.

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