Coming for Treatment

Coming for homeopathic treatment is a little different to consulting your GP. Working together, we explore the issues that are affecting your life and your health and it is this understanding that helps me select the right homeopathic remedies.

Because of the detailed basis on which remedies are selected, the homeopathic consultation takes time. It involves finding out about your illness, your full medical history, your family medical history, your physical constitution, what sort of person you are, as well as any periods of stress or major life events that may have affected you.

Appointments are usually scheduled at 4-week intervals, but this can be adapted according to your needs.

First consultation

The first consultation is longer because I collect all the background information, such as medical and family history, as well as the details of the issue at hand.

Follow-up appointments

At subsequent appointments we explore the response to the remedy prescription and discuss current symptoms and issues. I decide how to progress the treatment on that information.

Your remedies

After each consultation I work through your case details and decide which homeopathic remedy or remedies to prescribe. Remedies are sent to you through the post within 3 working days with full instructions on how to take them.

Staying in touch

I usually schedule a five-minute phone call between appointments, which can be helpful for checking progress and making minor adjustments to the treatment schedule or remedy potency if needed.

How long will I need to come for treatment?

I suggest that patients with chronic illnesses should expect to come for between 3 and 8 months of treatment. Longer may be required if there are multiple health problems or for problems of longstanding. Short-term problems may only need one or two sessions. Treating children is also often rapid.

Consultations for minor ailments

For existing patients I offer the option of 15-minute telephone or video consultations for minor, self-limiting or first aid issues. The run of thumb is generally that the problem is of less than 2 weeks’ duration. It can be helpful to have a remedy kit at home if you would like to make use of this service but I am also happy to send remedies out by post.