Marcela Holmes

BSc RSHom iTEC Dip


Like many homeopaths, I came to homeopathy by accident. Coming from a science background, the idea of homeopathy always seemed rather far-fetched given the high dilutions. So, when nearly 18 years ago, my stepmother urged me to take my five-month old baby to a homeopath for his severe eczema – it was only out of sheer desperation.

At the same time my husband had recently started his business and his longstanding eczema had also resurfaced with a vengeance. So with the thought ‘In for a penny, in for a pound!’ I went with them both to see a homeopath in London.

Over the course of several visits, I was quietly astounded by their response to the treatment. The fact that homeopathy sorted out eczema for them both, one a baby, convinced me that this was more than just placebo. Three years later I felt called to retrain as a homeopath and went back to university.

My Qualifications and Background

I have one of the few degrees in homeopathy the UK has to offer, and received my BSc from Purton House, part of Thames Valley University, in October 2009. However, I have always had an interest in health and medicine and my first degree was a BSc in physiology and pharmacology, which gives me a grounding in the medical sciences. For many years I worked in medical publishing, developing books and educational materials for doctors.

Combining the Scientific and Holistic Worldview

Some people ask me how I explain the action of homeopathic medicines given that it doesn’t fit with what we know about physiology, biochemistry and the action of drugs. The first thing I would say that after you have the ‘Wow moment’, you can’t go back. Since that time 18 years ago, I constantly see homeopathy have extraordinary healing effects. It required me to challenge beliefs that may of us have about science, health and medicine.

One of those beliefs is that we know almost all there is to know about how physical and biological systems work. But of course we don’t. Bit by bit, science reveals to us new layers of complexity and refinement. Just think of how much we don’t know! I expect that, in time, homeopathy and how it works will make more sense in scientific terms.

There are a number of phenomena which point to health as being influenced by the mind–body– spirit connection, and not just genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors; for example, the placebo effect and the detrimental effect of stress and emotions on the body. You might wonder why there isn’t more research more about these subjects or why we don’t hear more about it from the scientific community? It may be as simple as the fact that these areas don’t attract much research funding.

Further Training, Professional and Personal Development

I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths and work in accordance with their Code of Ethics & Practice. I undertake CPD to develop my knowledge base and my practice.

My experience of illness, a number of years ago, showed me the importance of really listening to my deepest self and my body's wisdom. For sustained health, it was not enough just to 'take the right remedy' or have a particular holistic therapy. I also had to address what was calling to be healed on a deeper level and make the necessary changes to my work–life balance, process and release stuck emotional issues and engage in bodywork and mindfulness practices. It has inspired me to work at a deeper level with women to help them discover what ‘medicine’ their mind–body–spirit is calling for and develop strategies for sustainable wellbeing.

One of the emerging themes has been the degree to which the feminine mind, body and intuition has been disregarded in the modern Western worldview. One of my aims is to help other women rediscover this aspect and fully return home to themselves.

As part of this I completed the iTEC Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy, and incorporate that in my work with women and as a standalone therapy. It speaks to the need many of us have to get out of our busy ‘monkey mind’ and reconnect with our senses, our body and its wisdom.

I am currently undertaking naturopathic training with the School of Health.

My Aims and Values

I’m keen to make my practice transparent, accessible and professional. I believe in providing integrative care for people with chronic illnesses and encourage communication with doctors and other health professionals. I have a particular interest in women’s health, digestive and skin issues. I am passionate about sharing a holistic view of health and empowering people to approach their health with therapies that address the underlying issues.

My Home Life

I live with my husband, John, and our two sons here in the beautiful Cotswolds.