Holistic Women’s Health

Coming for Treatment

Holistic Women’s Health appointments offer a multifaceted, naturopathic way of addressing women’s health issues. Because homeopathic and mind–body approaches are at the heart of these sessions, we work together to explore the issues that are affecting your life and your health and it is this understanding that helps me select the right remedies, treatments and strategies.

Appointments are usually scheduled at fortnightly or monthly intervals, but this can be adapted according to need.

First consultation

In a similar way to homeopathic treatment, the first consultation is focused on taking a full case history and exploring all the issues.

At the end of this consultation I prescribe homeopathic remedies and/or low-potency herbal remedies and I provide some suggestions for a therapeutic plan based on your preferences.

Follow-up appointments

The content of follow-up appointments will vary from appointment to appointment based on your interests and needs, but will always include a follow-up on the treatments prescribed.

According to your needs and interests, it may also include:

  • a full-body or back, neck and head aromatherapy massage with essential oils
  • an introduction to mindfulness, meditation techniques and/or relaxing breathing techniques
  • approaches to working with and releasing difficult or stuck emotions
  • learning some supportive techniques involving EFT tapping or acupressure points
  • a review of exercise and nutrition and sustainable approaches that work for you
  • the inclusion of Bach flower remedies or other flower essences
  • providing essential oil blends or cream preparations for use between sessions

Your remedies, herbs, essences and essential oil blends

I use all the information to select treatments and send them to you in the post with instructions on how to take or use them.

Staying in touch and ‘homework’

I usually schedule a five-minute phone call between appointments, which can be helpful for checking progress and making minor adjustments to treatment. ‘Homework’ is purely optional but may be related to goals set in the sessions, such as booking some exercise classes or creative activity, or taking some first steps or researching a new project that you’ve always wanted to do. You might like to borrow or read books we have been discussing in the sessions or do some guided meditation practice.

NOTE: Prices include homeopathic remedies, low-potency herbal support remedies prescribed and the use of essential oils within the session. There may be small additional costs if essential oil massage blends, essential oil-based creams or Bach flower remedies are provided for use between appointments.