Holistic Women’s Health

Holistic Women’s Health Explained

These sessions are ideal if you are feeling stuck in a rut with your health, energy, body image, emotional issues or work–life balance. They are also of particular help if you suffer with menstrual or menopausal problems, digestive problems, anxiety and mood problems or low immunity.

Holistic Women’s Health appointments offer an integrated way of addressing women’s health issues and allow greater opportunity for us to explore and address the impact that stress, environment and lifestyle factors are having on you. They allow me the option of using not just homeopathy and herbs but an array of therapeutic tools including aromatherapy, massage, Bach flower remedies and other essences. Furthermore we can spend time on tools and techniques that build psychological and physical resilience, such as relaxing breathing techniques, meditation or mindfulness methods and strategies for dealing with difficult emotions.

It is not about developing a list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’. It’s about working together to explore your own unique perspective, circumstances, and emotional and health issues, and developing a strategy specifically for you. It’s about combining effective therapies with a new understanding of health and, where appropriate, supporting you in making adjustments in your lifestyle that come from learning to listen to yourself and your body.

In these sessions you can:

  • address your physical health and emotional problems with homeopathy, low-potency herbs, aromatherapy and/or Bach flower remedies
  • have aromatherapy massages with carefully selected essential oils
  • learn to meditate or be more mindful; learn relaxing breathing techniques
  • learn to how to support anxiety and other issues with EFT tapping and acupressure points
  • explore your feelings – learn how your negative patterns and beliefs are affecting your health; learn how to process and deal with difficult emotions
  • inhabit and honour your body; reconnect with your senses; gain an improved sense of body image
  • set goals for exercise, nutrition and self-care

Why a 360-degree approach?

Both from working with clients and from personal experience, by not fully exploring, listening to and integrating the major life lessons and lifestyle shifts that are being called for, even holistic therapies function as a ‘sticking plaster’ approach.

In my own experience, after a period of illness a number of years ago, I realised after successful treatment with homeopathy and other therapies, I would be well for some months, only to find my symptoms returning. However, by making the changes I needed to my work–life balance, honouring the my cyclical nature, incorporating meditation and yoga, and regularly addressing and processing emotional issues, my health is better sustained. One of the emerging themes for my own self-development has been a new-found realisation of the degree to which the feminine mind, body and intuition has been disregarded in the modern Western worldview. One of my aims is to help other women rediscover this aspect and fully return home to themselves.