Coming for Treatment

Whether you come for a full-body massage or an upper-body massage, the priority is your wellbeing, comfort and enjoyment. A warm room, soft lighting and music will help you make the most of your ‘me-time’, whether purely for relaxation, as part of reducing chronic stress, or dealing with deeper issues.

First appointment

At your first appointment I take an overview of your health history, and current health concerns. In addition, we also discuss what you most want to get from the massage in terms of physical and emotional health benefits, as this will inform both how I tailor the massage and which essential oils I use.

It is safe to have an aromatherapy massage with most chronic conditions, but there are a few circumstances where it is contraindicated, and others for which I recommend obtaining advice from your GP if possible. If you have any concerns about whether it is safe or appropriate for you to have an aromatherapy massage please get in touch.

Follow-up appointments

At each subsequent appointment we briefly discuss how you have been since your last appointment and how you would like your aromatherapy massage to be tailored to your current needs.

The blend of essential oils

I create a new oil blend for you each time. If working on a particular aspect of your health and wellbeing, it may be that we decide to use the same combination for up to three massages but then we change the blend.

The blend is chosen based on your needs—physically and psychologically, and your preferences in terms of the scents that you like. I find that people are often drawn to the oils that they most need on a particular day—so be guided by your nose!

How often should I have an aromatherapy massage?

To help address a particular problem, whether emotional or physical, I recommend an aromatherapy massage on a weekly or fortnightly basis for 6 to 8 weeks to really allow the essential oils to do their work and for the physical effects of the massage and the relaxation to take effect.

For general health maintenance and self-care that many of us seek when coming for a massage, a fortnightly or monthly appointment is ideal. Discounts are available for regular bookings.